• Terrorists now know that they can knock over capitalism with a virus like COVID-19.
  • They can also use CRISPR to develop their own version of such a virus.
  • I am not an expert on people with strong religious views but it seems that some terrorists want to move us towards what are essentially medieval times – where we all oblige their interpretation of a religious text.
  • It doesn’t seem like Sci Fi to believe that some clever terrorist might invent a version of a Coronavirus to assist them in achieving these aims.

What we have learned from COVID-19

There will be a lot of cost benefit work done on COVID 19. The next time it happens we will be more prepared. We will close down harder, faster, and use better monitoring technology to establish and contain those who carry the disease.

We will also, in all likelihood, spend years talking about how we will pay back all the money that governments around the world have spent. The Financial Times reported this week, in the UK, that the British government has already spent an enormous amount of money trying to manage the COVID-19 situation. In sum, Boris Johnson has already deployed more money than they saved over the last decade of “Austerity Measures” in public spending.

The people of the UK didn’t like 10 years of austerity. It has been suggested that government cutbacks cost 130,000 lives. Australians won’t like it either when those government spending cuts come here.

And it’s not just the UK and Australia who will be affected by these changes. Already, 90 countries have gone to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for ’emergency financing’.

Australia’s budget was in relatively good (relative to those 90 at least) shape, when the virus arrived here. Even so, even with that as the departure point, it could literally take Aussies literally a generation to pay off the debt.

From a terrorist point of view, it seems obvious to say that we wouldn’t want to repeat government spending in the order we’ve had to suffer this time; we would struggle to afford it.

Inventing a version of the Coronavirus which mutates quickly

The damage done by COVID is, however, clearly, much more impactful than any terrorist event in history. Terrorists have seen the effect COVID-19 has had and now realise they can bring the global economy to its knees by bioengineering a variant of COVID-19.

If it was me in those terrorist shoes, I would develop a version of the virus which mutates more quickly than the West’s ability to come up with a vaccine. At the moment, it seems like the world struggles to come up with a way of innoculating in less than 18 months. As a terrorist, it would make sense to develop a version of Coronavirus which mutated every 17 months – or less.

They could even do it for economic reasons

Very clever terrorists and / or Bond villains would take short positions on stocks and then crash the economy.

I don’t know much about ISIS but I know what I see

Any terrorist who did undertake these steps could potentially, knock us back a couple of hundred years of economic progress. They would cause a complete collapse of Western economies. Even the IMF couldn’t bail every country out in that situation.

I don’t know much about people with extreme religious views but what I understand is that some Islamic fundamentalists want exactly that. They don’t like Capitalism, they like the dark ages. You can develop CRISPR drugs in a shed for less than $1000.

Only 1% of people die and ISIS are losing more than that in war at the moment.

Is this idea too scary to be true? Hardly.

Obviously, having had this idea, I Googled it to see if it was a real risk we all faced. It turns out this scenario is well known to Western Intelligence groups. I suspect the risk from this particular scenario has risen since terrorists now know just how well it would work.